History of Alanya


Alanya castle consisting rampart which lenght is approximately 6,5km, looks like a historical beauty 250mt over from the sea as a peninsula. Alanya castle comes to present time since the 13th century. Especially called Kandeleri local living life was in Alanya castle and takes history from the Hellenistic time. Alanya castle built by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat after conquer Alanya in 1221. There are 83 towers and 140 signs in the castle. In the middle ages Seljuks built nearly 400 cisterns to get water for the town necessity. Some of these cisterns use in present time. Ramparts builts regulary, Ehmedek, citadel, throw man place, cilvarda burnu üstü, arabian sign and Esat sign to goes armory then to shipyard. There is another outdoor museum at the hill of the castle. Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat built his palace at here. There is residents in Alanya castle nowadays. In front of the wooden and stone house many residents presents otantic Turkish meals, weaving of cotton and silk on the wooden bench, paint gourds. There are vaiours cafe and restaurants with wonderful view of harbour on the way to the castle. Castle road is open to vehicle traffic and transportation is easily. It takes 1 hour by walk.


Red tower is in Alanya port. This tower is historical place of Seljuks from 13th century. This tower is symbol of Alanya and like octagonal plan. Ebu Ali Reha El Kattani who built Sinop castle built this tower in 1226 by Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat. During the construction after a high level to carry stone blocks so difficult. After that level castle finished with red brick which is baked. For that reason the name of this castle was Red Tower. Octagonal type and each Wall is 12,5m width, weight of the tower is 33m and diameter is 29m. Entrance include 5 floor storey building. The stairs are stone and 2 stairs space is long. Totaly stairs are 85 to the up. The sunshine come from up to the entrance floor. There is a cistern in the middle of the tower. This tower built for against to attact from enemy to the city and shipyard. This tower restorated in 1950 and open as a etnographia museum in 1979.


Alanya shipyard is built in 1 year after 6 year of Seljuk Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat conquered Alanya city in 1227. The side facade to the sea is 56,5m and deepnes is 44m. The place where choosen for shipyard to get much sunshine. There is a inscription on the entrance door of shipyard and that is armorial bearing of Seljuks Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat. Alanya shipyard is the first shipyard of Seljuks in Mediterranean. Sultan Alaeddin Keykubat get ‘’ sultan of 2 sea ‘’ degree after Alanya shipyard. One side is mosque one side is guard room. In a compartment draw well available. 


This armory built to protect to shipyard over shipyard about 10m weight. At the same time there are produced war gun in the shipyard. In the present time the Alanya municipality is trying to became shipyard as a museum. So mayor of alanya getting in contact with culture and tourism ministry about that. 


This castle built in the middle of the Alanya castle facade to the North side. This castle built in Seljuk times. We understand that Ehmedek built in 1227. The inscription on the entrance door tell us. Ehmedek name comes from the master of construction. The middle castle located to attact of the enemy and protect the Sultan’s palace. This castle wall’s come to present time made by Stones of Bizans. There are 3 cisterns and ship pictures in the Ehmedek.


Built in 1231 at the hill of the castle when there was restorating. But last years moque was fallen then Magnificent Suleyman restorated again. For that reason this mosque name is Suleyman Mosque. The structure made by rubble and style like square. Dome made by tile on the octagonal pulley. There are 15 cube perched to the dome for acustic. People understand the acustıc while praying. Cover of window and doors are example of Ottoman Empire wooden art. 


Close to the Suleymaniye Mosque in the Alanya castle. According to tale that in 14th or 15th century age of Karamanoğulları for bazaar and hotel. Made by cut stone shaped as square. 26 rooms have inside and lobby was 13m width and 35m height. In the present time this historical place use for hotel, restaurant and cafe. There are also hotel rooms facade to the courtyard. These rooms was shop in the middle age. There is also big cistern to the garden. The view to castle rampart, beach, mountain and mediterranean sea. 


Built at the tip of the peninsula and nearly 400m. lenght. Located name is Cilvarda. Name is darphane ( mint) but there is no mint the money. There is small church made by cut stone. Rest of these places use for monastery. There is also cistern. The way to the tip of Cilvarda is not using nowadays. Come up from the sea is difficult and dangerous. There is attractive view from yacht tour at the tip of pensinsula and citadel. 


Located in Alanya Castle, West of bedesten, distance to the Suleymaniye Mosque just 100m. Akbase Sultan Mosque built by first commander of Alaeddin Keykubat Akbase Sultan in 1230. Outer wall is made by cut stone,inside and dome made with brick. Spuare type and 2 rooms. One room is mosque, one room is tomb of Akşabe Sultan. There is also 3 more tombs. The ancient Show that historical place is so old. In the tale writing God knows everything in earth and sky. Just the people built the mosques of believe. Akbaşe Sultan built this mosque to Alaeddin in that days. There also amazing minaret near here. 


Located in Alanya armory districk. This mosque take the name from the tree which is near mosque. Andızlı mosque built by Emir Bedruddin in 1227. At the same time called Emir Bedruddin. We can see the style of Seljuk original architecture. Made with cut stone. There is also minaret which is not high. Pulpit is excellent example from the Seljuk wooden carving art. Goes to the mosque from Red Tower from down door way. 


According to history this tomb comes from Seljuks or Ottoman Empire. On the way to Alanya Castle Road. Consisting 2 rooms and dome. One room is empty, one room has tomb. There is no certain knowledge about Sitti Zeynep. This tomb used as a water tank at past. 


Distance to the Alanya center 10km.in the line of Haci Mehmetli Village Hıdır İlyas placed. Some of the muslims, and christians use this church for worship. This church restorated in 1873 again. Another name is Agios Georgios church. 


Distance to the Alanya 13km. between Antalya and Alanya intercity road. It comes from 13. Century. Built by Seljuk Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev between 1236-1246 on the silk road. Made with cut stone. Nowadays this place use for entertaintment. 


Located in 37km West of Alanya, 9km faraway from the sea. Alaeddin Keykubat built this castle on 1232. This castle protect the cervans from the thieves. To reach this castle difficulty. So amazing looks it has. This castle is 2 parts. There are many tunnels in the castle. After all the panorama is magnificent. 


To the Alara castle 800m. Near the Alara river. Built on 2000m2 landscape with cut stone. Alarahan restorated last 2 years and uses for shopping center nowadays. Looks like security home. Second door of Kervansaray open to the place where the customer staying place. Inside of Kervansaray has fountain, bath and mosque. The sign of expert is so attractive. There is a chance to swim in the river while you order your meal at this place. 


Located on the Kargı and West of Alanya. There is no information in tale about built time. 46m width, 50m height stone building. This building us efor kervansaray comes from Rome, Seljuks and Ottoman Empire.